Australian Property Values in 2022

Friday, November, 2019

With the economy crisis happening everywhere in the world, people have been questioning whether Australia is still a good place for investment. Find out the truth here.

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The Grand launch of Collection Rouse Hill Project in Sydney, Australia

Thursday, October, 2019

On October 5, 2019, we Centurion Property Group successfully held the Grand launch Collection Rouse Hill at 49 Terry Rd, Rouse Hill NSW, Sydney.

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The Grand Launch of Collection by Marquess Group

Sunday, September, 2019

Centurion International Holdings, a trusted Australian marketing, investment and property management agency in Indonesia, is proud to launch its latest project in Sydney, COLLECTION Rouse Hill. The entire concept of this lovely boutique residence is done. COLLECTION Rouse Hill is ready to be developed into a beautiful yet affordable paradise.

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Property Diversification: The Benefits and The Strategies

Friday, August, 2019

Building a profitable property portfolios is about minimizing financial risk. Diversification of course, plays a huge role in this matter.

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What You Need to Know About Property Cycles in Australia

Thursday, August, 2019

Things you need to know about property cycle and how to determine the right time to invest in properties.

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Important Research Before Buying Properties

Wednesday, July, 2019

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The Truth About Sydney’s Property Market Today

Wednesday, June, 2019

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Great Mortgage Tips for First Time Investors

Wednesday, May, 2019

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7 Common Property Investment Strategies in Australia

Tuesday, April, 2019

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