Saturday, May, 2017

Ten years is not a short time, and of course it has all of its seasons. The ups and downs of life were so present and enlightening, even essential, to our company growth. Still, I can say that it is probably the most wonderful and rewarding journey for all of us at Centurion International Holdings. Through this remarkable decade, we have been truly blessed by God in many incredible ways men couldn’t ever think of. 

In 10 years, we have steadily put a firm foundation for our business, preparing it for a new era of property industry, which we believe, has now arrived. And finally this year, on our 10th anniversary, we have been blessed with a beautiful building of our own that is now our main headquarters in running CIH’s international office network throughout Australia and Asia. This building is a precious monument to remind us of who we are and what we have gone through this far, a strong solace that will inspire us and keep us going until we reach another decade. 

We are both proud and humbled to introduce this building to you our most treasured clients and partners. We believe that we couldn’t have reached this far without your constant and continuous support to our company. Thank you for trusting us to work with you and manage your property investments. We hope our partnership together will last a lifetime.